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Allied International Credit Collecting is a debt purchasing company listed in the web web site of the






Name: Allied International Credit Collecting
Also Known As: Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd, Allied Credit
Address: Anderston House, 389 Argyle Street, Glasgow G2 8LR
Telephone: 0141 2263111
Fax: 0141 8470203
Email: [user]
Extra Data: Specialists in "send the boys round" type bright coloured postcards (against OFT rules). See the interesting case notes below from the forums.

Allied International Credit Collecting and the Truth About Your Debt

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Allied International Credit Collecting is a debt collecting company which has bought your debt account from the original lender, often a bank (or in some cases another debt collecting agency) for a fraction of the original value and is trying to recover the full value from you.

Allied International Credit Collecting will use all sorts of nasty methods to get money out of you so that they can make a quick profit. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them. They may call you when they know it is inconvenient or even embarrassing for you and do so several times a day. They may send you official-looking nastily worded letters threatening to send someone round to collect the money in full or that they will take you to court for the full amount. Their other tactics may include attempting to make a charging order on your property or make you lose your home.

So ask Allied International Credit Collecting for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.

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More Data On Allied International Credit Collecting

My thanks to the excellent Consumer Action Group forums for these extracts about Allied International:

I have had dealings with Allied International Credit Collecting. They are an agressive lot. They have failed to respond to a Data Protection Act request from me. However after one to many time wasting telephone calls I wrote to them saying that we no longer deal with them on the telephone and sent them anti harassment letter. They went quiet. The next thing we get is a letter from Equidebt. Allied International Credit have abandoned the case. I think what they actually do is pass the cases around creating new case fees and charges each time.

Response: Yes, indeed. Most DCAs will blatantly buy and sell delinquent debts to each other, racking up the charges if they think they can get away with it. Allied International Credit are not the only ones - it's a syndrome of the whole breed, unfortunately.

If you have any information that you would like honest people to know about Allied International Credit Collecting then send us an email in complete confidence and we will try to corroborate it with the clowns involved.




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